The joys of fostering a cat and her kittens

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These kittens were rescued by the Brooklyn Shelter but due to over crowding they had to go on the euthanasia list. If they were not moved to a foster home the mother and all her kittens would have died. Sharon and Jake have done a great job nursing Lilly (the mother) and her 7 kittens back to health. What they need now is a good loving home. I appeal to all my readers to:

1) Please send to ANY and ALL Animal lovers a link to this site. We are hoping to find a home for Lilly and the 7 kittens.

2) If you or someone you know can Foster or volunteer please contact me. Fostering a cat or dog is a way to help temporarily if you can’t adopt but want to help get an animal out of an emergency situation – like Lilly and her babies.

3) Encourage friends and family to visit their local animal shelter when considering adoption of a pet. In NYC, contact for NY area shelter.

4) Please Sharon at “SSiodmak AT” if you can help with these kitties or help in any way.


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