Sending an SMS via eMail

This trick has been out there a while but I only recently rediscovered that you can actually send an SMS message to an AT&T cell phone using as the email address.

So if your friend’s phone number is (917) 555-1212 and they are on the AT&T network, address the email to “”. Then simply type the message in the subject field. Since phone companies used to limit the message limit to 160 characters (20 longer then a Twitter message), it is best to keep your messages brief and to the point. Also the entire email (body content including signature) is sent in the text message, you may want to delete any body content before hitting the send key.

Example:mach zehnder modulator

SUBJECT: Hey .. Have a Great Day!

Then hit the SEND key .. it’s that simple.

For a full listing of cell phone SMS addresses, check out SMS411’s site.

Happy texting!


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