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As a consultant for over 26 years I have leveraged my skills in facilitation, requirements development, strategy, user experience design, web and mobile application development and relationship management to help companies (and people) change they way they conduct business both within their organization and with their customers . In April 2011 I proudly joined Infosys Limited as a partner in the Consulting & Systems Integration Group. Prior to joining them I worked at IBM Global Services for over 14 years.

Through out my career I have had the honor of working with some great companies including Altria Group Inc. (Altria.com), American Express (AmericanExpress.com), Chase Manhattan Bank, Cummins, Inc., DC Comics (ZudaComics.com), eTopps.com, Financial Times (FT.com), Fox Sports, Panasonic North America, QVC, Smith & Wesson (SmithandWesson.com), Time Inc. (Maghound.com), Tribune Interactive and Wall Street Journal (WSJ.com) to name a few.

I have a keen interest in all things digital including multi-channel commerce, social media, collaboration and mobile.  Items I find of interest are posted on my blog directly or through my Twitter account.

I originally established a website as means for exchanging large files with a customer. Around the same time I developed an interest in learning about PHP, MySQL and other open source development tools and how they worked. Since I already had a web site it was easy for me to experiment and try things out vs working stand alone on my PC (now Mac). A friend turned me on to WordPress and after a few months of playing around I found that I liked sharing my technology discoveries with others and decided to keep the blog operational.

If you have something to share please register and post your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. Unless of course your only objective is to promote some product or service relating to male enhancement, reduced rate mortgages, gambling … the list goes on. In other words .. please don’t send me comment spam.

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Note:  I am currently working on several engagements on both coasts.


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