Where’s my equipment?

One of the nice features of iCloud which doesn’t get enough press is the “Find my iPhone” feature which allows you to locate your iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

This feature especially shines when you are traveling and you suddenly realize in the cab that you don’t have your iPhone on you. A quick check using your friend’s smartphone allows you to see that your device is still safely in your hotel room.

The service isn’t perfect since your device has to be on and either connected to a cellular network or WiFi. In several instances even when my Mac was on it did not show up on the map which is leaving me to believe that I need to further configure the Mac for this feature to work correctly.

There are additionally several software products (i.e., Lo-Jack) that allow you to install a software program on the device and track it remotely but as a Mac user who already pays for the iCloud service, I find the “Find your iPhone” feature sufficient for my needs.


About.Me – Easy Self Promotion

The internet is a great way to find people and information.  The challenge for many people is how to publish information about themselves quickly, easily and in a professional format — that still embodies their individuality.  AOL’s About.Me allows you to create an online personal profile.

About Me Website Screenshot

About.Me provides you online editing tools and a basic structure so to create your page.  You can upload a background image (i.e., photo, illustration, or any graphical visualization) up to 5MB.  You then complete an online form for your name, headline and body text.  The text block you create can be arranged anywhere on the page.  You have full control over fonts and colors.  Additionally, you can provide tags as well as all your social media contact information and the appropriate icons appear on the page.  My page took about 5 minutes to create.

Additionally, AOL can provide you an About.Me email address (so you don’t have contacts using your work or personal email).  They have also released an iPhone app which allows you to browse profiles, and see what individuals are currently in your geographical area.

Personally, I found the About.Me approach much more personal and welcoming than my Google+ profile, which offers more functionality, but is far less personal.

About.Me is free and easy so give it a shot and let me know what you think.


Letter to Steve Jobs

To Steve Jobs,

Of the millions of people in the world who in some way have touched me – you will alway be someone whom without you ever knowing it has had a tremendous positive impact on my life and my career.  Through your vision, drive and unwillingness to compromise you have inspired me.  Through the products you developed at Apple you showed me that it is OK to lead instead of follow. To think differently and to want more from yourself and those around you.  You demonstrated through your example that if you believe in what you are doing and continue to encourage yourself and others to keep trying, you can accomplish great things!  I will always look upon your contribution to the human race and raw strength from your example.

Thank you Steve for being an inspiration to us all.


Oliver Siodmak


You know a company cares when …

Hertz Twitter Tweet


I don’t usually expect companies to response when I post a comment about their service on Twitter, Facebook or other social networking site.  Hell, I often can’t get a company to respond when I post a message to them directly on their Customer Service web pages or email addresses.  Hertz how ever does a good job of monitoring Twitter and addressing comments (both positive and negative).

In the past when I have had problems with a vehicle they have directed me to the right support option and when I post positive comments (like above) they say thank you.  I respect an organization that makes an effort to “hear” what their customers are saying.

That helps build customer loyalty.

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Fox Sports Mobile – R2.1 Available for download from Apple App Store

I am happy to announce that Apple has just approved the latest update to the Fox Sports Mobile app.  This is the 3rd App release IBM has delivered for FOX.  It includes:

  • Performance enhancements: 3x speed improvements over WiFi & 3G from the previous release
  • Soccer: News, Scores & Schedules (by League), Video, & Standings
  • MMA/Boxing: News & Video
  • Motorsports: News (F1 & IRL)
  • Nascar: Leaderboard, Race Details, (including Lineup, Live Race, Track info), Schedule, Drivers Index, The Chase
  • Article sharing via Facebook
  • Manual refresh button for news and scores
  • Over 50 bug fixes

The IBM and FOX teams worked very closely together to significantly improve the app’s performance.  Additionally we have provided additional visual queues to notify the user when the app was unable to download content updates from FoxSports.com.


In addition to performance enhancements and bug fix we now have (say it with me) SOCCER!  That’s right — we now have News, Scores, Schedules, Video & Standings content for SOCCER.  Motor and Nascar fans will also be happy to learn that their content also available in this release.

A special thank you goes out to my development team: Greg Crisp and Mike Jones for their continued hard work and dedication to the project!


As always, I would encourage all of you to download the app and post your comments and rating in the App Store.  The more reviews we receive the better.  Also — please share the App link (http://itunes.com/foxsportsapp) with as many family, friends and colleagues as you know.


The release should be available for you to update on your iPhone or iPad before EOD today.