Fox Sports Mobile – R2.1 Available for download from Apple App Store

I am happy to announce that Apple has just approved the latest update to the Fox Sports Mobile app.  This is the 3rd App release IBM has delivered for FOX.  It includes:

  • Performance enhancements: 3x speed improvements over WiFi & 3G from the previous release
  • Soccer: News, Scores & Schedules (by League), Video, & Standings
  • MMA/Boxing: News & Video
  • Motorsports: News (F1 & IRL)
  • Nascar: Leaderboard, Race Details, (including Lineup, Live Race, Track info), Schedule, Drivers Index, The Chase
  • Article sharing via Facebook
  • Manual refresh button for news and scores
  • Over 50 bug fixes

The IBM and FOX teams worked very closely together to significantly improve the app’s performance.  Additionally we have provided additional visual queues to notify the user when the app was unable to download content updates from


In addition to performance enhancements and bug fix we now have (say it with me) SOCCER!  That’s right — we now have News, Scores, Schedules, Video & Standings content for SOCCER.  Motor and Nascar fans will also be happy to learn that their content also available in this release.

A special thank you goes out to my development team: Greg Crisp and Mike Jones for their continued hard work and dedication to the project!


As always, I would encourage all of you to download the app and post your comments and rating in the App Store.  The more reviews we receive the better.  Also — please share the App link ( with as many family, friends and colleagues as you know.


The release should be available for you to update on your iPhone or iPad before EOD today.


Fox Sports Mobile App — #1 Free Sports App in the Apple App Store!

It’s hard to believe but in only 3 short days the Fox Sports Mobile app my IBM team and I developed for Fox is now the #1 Free Sports app in the Apple App Store – displacing ESPN!  Additionally — the app continues to receive exceedingly high ratings from new and existing users!  If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, check it out at


Additionally, the app is now appearing as #118 of all the free apps in the App Store!

UPDATE:  App is now #99th in the Top Free Apps category in the App Store!


Fox Sports Mobile App v2.0 (developed by IBM) Now Live!

Dear Friends & Colleagues,


I just wanted to let you know the exciting news that the Fox Sports Mobile v2.0 iPhone app my team and I developed for Fox Sports Interactive Media went live last night.  This FREE sports app provides you access to a wealth of news, scores, video, team and player profile data and an endless supply of stats for over 14 different sports categories.  The app also allows you to follow your favorite teams and customize the presentation of sports.  Can’t go to the game or watch it on TV .. then follow the plays live under Gametrax with play by play summaries and stats!



The app was a custom development effort built using the Apple iOS SDK by resources from IBM Interactive & IBM Digital Media. You can download the app using the following URL:


If you already have the Fox Sports Mobile app installed, an update will be downloaded for you when you click on updates in iTunes on your Mac, PC or on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.


The app is free so if you have access to an iPhone (or iPad) please check it out.  I am also encouraging you to share this email with all your employees, colleagues and family members so they can check out the app as well!


Thanks & enjoy!




P.S. – For all you DROID fans, an Android version of the app is currently under development and will be released in the 1st Qtr 2011.