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For as long as I have known my wife, Sharon Siodmak, she had been passionate about animals. She openly admits that she didn’t seriously consider dating me until she discovered I adopted two cats. But I digress. Sharon is an active supporter of the ASPCA and many independent animal rescue services operating in NYC. From serving as a volunteer on the mobile ASPCA pet adoption truck to collecting used sheets, towels and blankets for shelters, Sharon is deeply committed to helping save pets lives.

I am joining Sharon by asking everyone to please help Sharon raise funds to support the ASPCA as they continue their fight to reduce animal cruelty through education. By clicking on the banner at the top of this page, you too can join Sharon and her efforts to make NYC a “No Kill Shelter City”. San Francisco is currently the first city in the United States to receive the status of a No Kill Shelter City by implementing programs to help eliminate the need to euthanize thousands of healthy dogs, cats and other domestic pets each year.

Sharon was recently interviewed by Cindi Avila (reporter) for NY1 during the February Mayor’s Alliance for NYC Pets. She has also been recruited as a spokes person for the alliance. You can watch her NY1 interview below.


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