Buying a coffin online?

I help customers build a lot of commerce web sites; Panasonic, Maghound, eTopps; WSJ, FT to name just a few. So for that reason I spend a lot of time online looking at various commerce web sites. Most of the time I don’t really focus on the particular products but the user experience around how a given product is presented. Then I saw this little gem on


Now I’ve thought of many “do-it-yourself” projects over the years. Norm Abrams is like a god to me. But I have never considered building a coffin for myself or a loved one. While it is really just another wood project I would have to think you can’t just show up at the funeral home with your own box. If you could, we’d all do it. Hell, Home Depot would have a whole section devoted it to it. Could you just imagine the in-store workshops!

I’ll do some research to see if this is legal in my area. If it is I’m going to order the kit and schedule it as the next “father/son” project. We can cover proper use of hand tools and death at the same time!

BTW .. take a moment to read through the user generated comments posted to this product. They are well worth taking a moment to read!