A Dog Owner’s Mourning Prayer

A Dog Owner’s Mourning PrayerWritten by Oliver Siodmak (September 9th, 2013)

I must have left my heart with you when we were last together
    On the bench where we used to sit,
    Near the field where we used to play.

My soul is aching as I think back and remember 
    All those good times we spent together,
    Oh how you used to run and jump and play.

You are in a better place, I know that now,
    But oh that empty space in my chest still hurts,
    My tear-filled eyes find it difficult to see.

Saddened I must continue my life’s journey without you,
    Memories of us together give me strength to carry on.

So please hold on to my heart,
    Keep it with you safe from harm.

I’ll take it back when we are once again united,
    Up in heaven’s waiting arms.



It is with a very heavy heart I must share with you that Chestnut passed away on Monday, September 9th, 2013 at the age of 14. He was a simply amazing dog and words fail to describe just how much he meant to us as well as many of you.

Sharon, Jake and I are heartbroken by the loss, but we are so grateful we were able to spend his final hours together as a family. The words for “A Dog Owner’s Mourning Prayer” 1st came to me the night he left us. It has taken me several days to deal with the loss and the words to express my feelings.  The pain is far from gone but writing this poem has helped me deal with the overwhelming sadness.  

If you have ever lost a pet I hope this prayer gives you comfort.  Chestnut was my muse, my love, my 1st little boy.

Oliver & Chestnut
I have posted a collection of photos of our life together on my
Facebook page, as well as on Flickr.  This album contains pictures from his 1st days with us in early July 1999 until his last. When I started to put the album together it was to help me grieve, but it was also to help me remember all the good times we had. The more pictures I discovered the more I felt they needed to be included in the album. There are 92 in all and each one hold a special meaning in my heart.

I hope you spend a few minutes looking though these special moments, for as long as he is remembered … he will always be with us.