My Mac/iPhone Software

I use my Mac for both business and pleasure. An Apple Macintosh allows me to focus on what I need to get done compared to working under Windows XP where I spent more time keeping Windows working properly. The more I use my Mac the more I learn how to use it better.The following is a growing list of programs I use to make my life easier and more productive:

Macintosh (OS X Leopard)

  • For both work and home:
    • 1Password – Simple password management utility
    • iGTD – Helping me organize my thoughts and my data
    • Quicksilver – Helping me find where I put my thoughts and my data
    • Journler – Switched over to Evernote for capturing my thoughts. Great sync’g between Mac and iPhone apps. Always have access to notes, images, thoughts.
    • Nocturnal – For using your MacBook Pro in the bright sunlight
    • Apple Mail – eMail communications manager.
    • GNUPG – I use a Mac GNUPG for encrypting my messages.
    • Google Earth – A nice way to view the world
    • TaskPaper – Switched over to Things, a simple and elegant to-do manager. Mac and iPhone apps sync over WiFi so I no longer need to print out lists.
    • Seashore – A “freeware” replacement for Adobe Photoshop
    • Pixelmator – Another good graphics editor
    • Twitterific – Because life needs to be shared with everyone!
  • For work:
    • Microsoft Office for Mac 2008
    • Lotus Notes – Company eMail system
    • Awaken – Turn your Mac into an alarm clock
    • Parallels – Because there are times that you “HAVE TO” run Windows XP
    • OmniGraffle – My Mac answer to Visio
  • For home:
    • Apple iLife ’09 (iTunes, iPhoto, Garageband, iMovie, iDVD)
    • EvoCam – Make your own videos
    • iSale – Managing my eBay sales
    • Mac-the-Ripper – Protect my DVD library
    • Handbreak – Converting DVDs to files that play on my computer (using less battery life on long flights)
    • Ecto – Switched to MarsEdit

iPhone Apps

  • Twitterific – Great Twitter Client, cost: Free
  • WordPress – WordPress Blog Editing Tool, cost: Free
  • Facebook – Great Facebook client application w/ chat support, cost: Free
  • Pandora – Listen to Pandora Internet Radio on your iPhone – syncs w/ your web account!, cost: Free
  • Cro-Mag – Cute racing game, cost: $9.99
  • Loopt – Interesting Twitter/Location tool, cost: Free
  • Alarm Free – In case I am attacked!!, cost: Free
  • PayPal – PayPal client for managing your PayPal account, cost: Free
  • BofA – Bank of America client for managing your account, cost: Free
  • AOL Radio – Listen to AOL Internet Radio on your iPhone, cost: Free
  • PegJump – Just like the wooden game I played as a child, cost: Free
  • Shazam – Utility for finding song title, artist and link to iTunes of songs that are playing, cost: Free
  • Remote – Great Apple app for controlling iTunes & Apple TV via the iPhone, cost: Free

You can easily locate any of the iPhone gaames by searching under their name in the iTunes Store.

This page is not fixed.  It is under continuous revision.  Please feel free to send me your Mac software recommendations.

Last updated: September 4, 2008


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